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Wrapping Up, Kites and Bugs

February felt great! I love running regularly again and I’m so glad that I set my half marathon goal for April. Here is a look back at February:
Miles: 64.1
Total Runs: 19
Strength: 7 times
Long Runs: 4
Tempo Runs: 2
Interval Runs: 2
I have bumped up my training a little a lot (thinking about it I doubled my January miles…that’s a lot for sure!) and I am feeling great. Over the next few months I want to increase mileage (of course) and strength training. With just one month of speed work my times are already improving. I’m excited to see where I go from here. 
My goals for March include:
Run 75 miles (actually between Feb. 27 & Mar. 27th)
Run 5 9:50/mile avg. runs before Mar. 28th
Strength training 3 times a week
Another goal that I am working on is to prepare more real food for myself and my family. I want to cut out processed foods and eat more healthy foods. There I said it…it’s official! This is a scary step for me because it is a time and monetary investment to eat better food. I am taking baby steps and I’ll start posting some things I am trying along the way on my blog so I can keep track of what works for us.
My tempo run today went o.k. I am happy with my overall pace of 9:40 but I had wanted to keep it between 8:49 and 9:12. Ha! I did my first run under 9:50 for my March goal, so that’s good. Just because I want to run my half at 2 hours doesn’t mean I am going to make it this time around. Right now I am running at a pace to complete the half marathon in 2 hours and 10 minutes. That’s realistically what my goal should be for the race in April. It takes 6 minutes off my PR so that would be great!
Thoughts about running today:
-My left calf was tight. I need to watch that.
-I almost got hit by a kite today. twice.
-I hate swallowing bugs while running. Really I hate swallowing bugs anytime.
4.01 Miles
38:44 Minutes
9:40 Pace

Weekly Plan: Half Training Week 4

Last week I had to make my plan flexible to get the runs in. I switched a rest and easy run day. I ran with the kids in the afternoon and shortened my run because pushing the stroller is a tough workout. I had to guess my speed work again because my shoe pod didn’t work inside at the Y. I also ran a tempo run on Sunday instead of a recovery jog. What??? Yes, I was trying to meet a Nike+ goal (run a 9:30 avg.) mile by Feb. 26th and I HAD to try for it. I ran two miles at a 9:25 pace and I MET my goal! My next pace goal will not be such a huge jump from my average pace. I’ll write about that later in the week.

This week I am hoping that things go a little smoother but I’m not holding my breath! A is still teething and not sleeping through the night. O has been climbing into bed with us in the early morning and so it is hard to get out for a run at 5:30 and not wake everyone up. Hopefully all the sleeping arrangements will go back to normal soon.

Here is my plan for the week:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3-3.5 miles easy (10:12-10:42) and Strength
Wednesday: 4 miles pace (9:12-10:00)
Thursday: 3 miles easy (10:12-10:42)
Friday: Strength
Saturday: 7 miles long (10:12-11:12)
Sunday: 2-3 miles recovery (11:12-11:42) or cross

Hardest Step

The Hardest Step.

This afternoon I was helping my two year old son fall asleep and all I wanted to do was snuggle in beside him but I kept thinking of the quote above. I was trying to stay motivated when all my tired body (huge lack a sleep because of a teething daughter) wanted to do was take a NAP. I knew that once I was running I would feel better and I would come home afterwards and have more energy to be with my kids and my husband.

That said, it is WINDY here today and I really think that all my steps were pretty tough today and not just the first one out the door! I’m so glad I went though. Today was my long run day and my plan says to do 6 miles. I did it in just over 1 hour. The last time I did 6 miles was in September and it took me an hour and ten minutes so I’m pretty happy with the improvement.

What amazed me about this run was that I ran it very steady. I really watched my pace throughout the run and tried to keep it right at 10 minutes per mile. The last half mile was up two hills and straight into the strong wind. I really pushed it hard and even though my pace didn’t improve it didn’t go down either. I was either going to keep my pace or break down and walk it…I’m glad I chose to give it my all and RUN.