Wrapping Up, Kites and Bugs

February felt great! I love running regularly again and I’m so glad that I set my half marathon goal for April. Here is a look back at February:
Miles: 64.1
Total Runs: 19
Strength: 7 times
Long Runs: 4
Tempo Runs: 2
Interval Runs: 2
I have bumped up my training a little a lot (thinking about it I doubled my January miles…that’s a lot for sure!) and I am feeling great. Over the next few months I want to increase mileage (of course) and strength training. With just one month of speed work my times are already improving. I’m excited to see where I go from here. 
My goals for March include:
Run 75 miles (actually between Feb. 27 & Mar. 27th)
Run 5 9:50/mile avg. runs before Mar. 28th
Strength training 3 times a week
Another goal that I am working on is to prepare more real food for myself and my family. I want to cut out processed foods and eat more healthy foods. There I said it…it’s official! This is a scary step for me because it is a time and monetary investment to eat better food. I am taking baby steps and I’ll start posting some things I am trying along the way on my blog so I can keep track of what works for us.
My tempo run today went o.k. I am happy with my overall pace of 9:40 but I had wanted to keep it between 8:49 and 9:12. Ha! I did my first run under 9:50 for my March goal, so that’s good. Just because I want to run my half at 2 hours doesn’t mean I am going to make it this time around. Right now I am running at a pace to complete the half marathon in 2 hours and 10 minutes. That’s realistically what my goal should be for the race in April. It takes 6 minutes off my PR so that would be great!
Thoughts about running today:
-My left calf was tight. I need to watch that.
-I almost got hit by a kite today. twice.
-I hate swallowing bugs while running. Really I hate swallowing bugs anytime.
4.01 Miles
38:44 Minutes
9:40 Pace

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