Kids on the Run

It’s amazing what a little bit of air can do for a runner. The past few times I have attempted to take the kids out with me in the jogging stroller I have really struggled to finish the 3 miles that I wanted to get done. My Friday run was completed within my goal pace range and I finished the whole 3 miles! What was the difference in the runs? My husband aired up the tires the other day before we took the bike trailer (also our jogging stroller) for our first bike ride of the year. Air in the tires! What an amazing concept!

I won’t say that the run today was easy but it was definitely manageable and the kids enjoyed it up until about 2.5 miles. (Then A wanted O’s snack. O wanted more space. They both wanted to be home. I ran faster.) I enjoyed talking to them during the run and pointing out all airplanes and birds flying by and all the blooming trees and flowers. What a beautiful spring day today. At one point, O wanted me to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I’ve discovered that I CAN NOT sing while running. My neighbors should be happy that they don’t have to listen to me sing while I run by their houses! I think we might be ready to load up the stroller in the car and go to a park for a jog and then stick around to play on the playground.

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 32:29
Average Pace: 10:48

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