The Dreaded Tempo Run

Tempo runs are tough and they aren’t very much fun while you are actually running but it feels great when you are finished. They also really work to help increase overall speed.

Yesterday was in the mid to upper 70′s and windy. The temperature didn’t seem bad before I left the house… 70′s sound perfect actually but I have been running in much cooler weather lately. Trying to do a tough workout in warmer temperature proved to be very hard for me.

My pace was supposed to be somewhere in the 9:12 to 9:36 range. Well, I hit that during one of my mile splits.

1 9:13 9’12″/mi
2 9:43 9’43″/mi
3 9:44 9’42″/mi
4 10:10 10’12″/mi
5 9:48 9’48″/mi
6 0:05 9’35″/mi

At first I was really disappointed that I missed my goal but then I thought about what I did accomplish.

  • I worked really hard during this run.
  • I kept up a run at under a 10 minute pace for 5 miles. I couldn’t have done this a couple of months ago.
  • I ran in the wind and hotter temps than I am used to right now.
It is just really difficult even with perfect conditions to do a tempo run. I’ve discovered how much the adrenaline of a race helps push me a little to achieve the speed that I want.  

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 48:43
Average Pace: 9:43

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