Weekly Plan: Half Training Week 9

Looking back on goals helps me to meet new ones. Here is an update on my plan for last week and then I will get to what I expect from my training this week…week 9!


  • Rest 


  • goal: 4 miles easy (10:38-11:08 pace) 
  • actual: 4 miles @ 10:37 average pace


  • goal: 5 miles tempo (9:12-9:36 pace)
  • actual: 5 miles @ 9:45 average pace…tough workout!
  • goal: 3 miles easy (10:38-11:08 pace)
  • actual: rest…waking up early didn’t work so I switched my Thursday & Friday runs
  • goal: Strength
  • actual: 3 miles easy @ 10:50 average pace while pushing a stroller, no strength workout :(


  • goal: 10 miles long (10:38-11:38 pace)
  • actual: 10 miles @ 10:50 average pace


  • 4 miles recovery (11:38-12:08)
  • actual: 4 miles @ 10:39 average pace….oops!
Overall it was a good week and I’m happy where I am at right now in my training. I have my two races coming up this month and I am feeling good about both of them!

Now to this week…

Monday: Rest…ahhh, done. :)

Tuesday: Strength & 3-5 miles easy (10:38-11:08)

Wednesday: 9×400 (Between 5 & 6 miles total with warm up, cool down and 2 minutes or under for each 400 interval with a 400 rest in between.)

Thursday: Rest or 3 miles easy (10:38-11:08 pace)

Friday: Strength

Saturday: 10K RACE DAY! I might also try a couple miles for a shake down run later in the afternoon. I’ve heard good things about doing a recovery run the same day as a race or hard workout.

Sunday: Rest, Cross, or 5 mile run 

Evidently I’m indecisive this week when it comes to meshing my two training plans. For my overall training I have combined Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 and Intermediate training programs. It’s working really well for me and most of the time when I plan for a week I just go ahead and decide at that time what I will run and it has typically included more of the intermediate guide. Because I am up to such high weekly mileage and it is a race week I want to leave it up to how my body feels and not get stressed out about putting in certain mileage. I want to accomplish the higher end on all of these goals but only time will tell this week.

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