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A Deer is Worth Pausing to Take a Picture

I’ve seen some wildlife while running. Before this week my favorite was a large blue heron. That was before spooking a deer during my early morning run.

He was originally under the bridge that I ran over. We both scared each other at first…he shot out from under the bridge right by me. I wasn’t expecting that big of an animal so close to me. I had to stop. I took several very blurry pictures with my phone but this one actually came out pretty clear.

This run was special. Not only did I see a spectacular deer but I felt great while running and (most importantly!) I ran negative splits!

I didn’t set out to try for a negative split run but once I started and realized how great I was feeling I decided to go for it. Even after I was finished with my run I was feeling so great that I decided to add a few strides to wrap things up. My plan called for 6 miles but I threw in 3 100 meter strides at the end. I’m loving strides right now. It’s a great way to learn to give a little push at the end of a race and it’s a fun way to do a small amount a speed work. 

I wish all runs went like this one!

Distance: 6.45
Time: 1:03:07
Average Pace: 9:47

Mother’s Day…Just a Little Late

Life is busy. Blogging about busy life and running sometimes takes a back seat to real life! That said, I really want to write about Mother’s Day this year even if it is almost two weeks after the fact.

Being a mother is the most important thing in my life. I am blessed to have two amazing children. I’m a stay at home mom and love spending these precious moments with my young children. I spent Mother’s Day celebrating my two sweet reasons that I am a mother and that made the day very special for me. 

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather and headed out for a bike ride.

This was the first time in a long time that I haven’t pulled the trailer. It’s amazing how easy it is to ride a bike without all that weight behind me!

We saw a couple of mommy ducks and their ducklings.
Little A fell asleep in the trailer and didn’t look comfortable at all so we headed home a little early. Not to worry…we got more exercise in later in the day.

Riding my bike wasn’t the only fun workout I was able to squeeze into the day. In fact, I think I did all of my favorite workouts in one day! We went for a walk with our dog, I ran while the kids were napping and I even managed to do a strength workout.
My kids made wonderful signatures on my card. Little A ‘wrote’ her name in blue. Little O wrote his O all by himself in red. This card is a keeper for sure!

We finished off a perfect day with dinner with my mom and brother out on the deck. My husband grilled a fantastic meal–steak with delicious stuffed portobello mushrooms and corn on the cob on the side. What a beautiful day!


I had a Girls on the Run race on my schedule for last weekend. Unfortunately, I was SICK on Friday. I barely got out of bed or ate anything the entire day. Very unlike me. I decided late Friday night that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to get up and try and race a 5K the next morning. I wanted to run so badly. It’s a fun race and I was really looking forward to it. I decided to stay home vs. take the chance of fainting on the course.

I was bummed. It took me a couple of days to get over it. Silly, I know. The best way I know to get over missing a race is to sign up for a few more! The Girls on the Run was going to be my last race for the season. I was going to move into my maintenance training stage to build up my base for the next unknown training cycle. 

Now I’ve signed up for two additional 5K’s and a 10K. The 10K is in a couple of weeks and I am planning my training for now around that. It means I have speed work on the calendar again and I’m bumping my weekly miles up to assure I’m ready for it. 

Yesterday I went for my first ‘longish’ run early in the morning before my husband and kids are up. Usually I just do 3-4 miles this early but I decided to go for 5.5 miles. This means heading out of my neighborhood and dealing with traffic a little. I love that it is light outside at 6:00 and I don’t have to worry about the cars not seeing me in the dark. I ran down a new street and loved it….can’t wait to run on it again. 

Distance: 5.5 miles
Time: 54:46
Average Pace: 9:57