Pregnancy and Strength Training

Pregnancy and Strength Training | A Mother's Pace

While training for my half marathon last spring I decided to add strength training to my routine. I never really loved weights but I had done them off and on either at home or at the Y. I had been doing more reading about running before my half (which was my 3rd) and I wanted to do my best and cut some time off for a PR. 

I stuck it out and did weights at home at least two times a week.

It became a habit and I kept it up after the half but then I found out I was pregnant. 

Pregnancy and Strength Training | A Mother's Pace

The first trimester was extremely exhausting for me and I gave up doing my weight routine during the kids nap time. Instead I rested…which is what I needed at the time.

For the past several weeks I have been adding in a little strength training. At the beginning of January I decided to officially try to get two sessions in a week. It is tough! My arms are not so bad but it’s my legs that are out of shape. 

Pregnancy and Strength Training | A Mother's Pace

I turned to my “Pregnancy and Running” book for some tips and found a pretty good workout. It seems insanely easy when I look at it but then I try and actually do it and it is a different story!

The move that made me laugh when I first looked at it is now one of my favorites to do. The Yoga Push Up.

Pregnancy and Strength Training | A Mother's Pace

It looks so easy, right? Well it is, but I can also feel it in my arms and my belly is too big to do any other kind of push up. 

The hardest move for me is the Quadruped. 

Pregnancy and Strength Training | A Mother's Pace

I did this move before my pregnancy and it wasn’t difficult. Now it is extremely hard on my legs and I can only do a couple of them at a time. My inner thighs don’t like this one at all. It gets easier every time though.

The book also highlights squats and leg curls. It’s a quick workout so I’ve also kept up with some moves that I did before pregnancy incorporating my resistance band and my 5 lb. weights. Leg lifts, squats, various arm movements. I’m finding out that it feels good to work these muscles again and I’m only adding in a little at a time. 

I hate to say that I wish that I had been able to keep up with the weights the whole pregnancy. I’ve done what I could during this pregnancy. It is difficult to start them again at this stage (33 weeks pregnant) but better late than never, right? I know every pregnancy is different and I’m happy with how active I’ve been during this one, especially when I compare it to how inactive I was during my previous two pregnancies.

So, that’s what I’m doing to incorporate strength training during my pregnancy. What has worked with you? Did you keep up with strength training or let it slide?

*The above opinions are my own. Please consult your doctor before deciding on your own exercise plan during pregnancy.*


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