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Running in the Snow

Running in snow is fun. Of course, there are certain conditions that need to be present to get me out there instead of on a treadmill. Mainly, no ice and light snow. Not very deep but I can handle a couple of inches.

Some of my favorite, most memorable runs have been during or after a snowfall. It’s beautiful out and everything looks so nice and clean. I don’t mind the cold so much when there is snow on the ground. It must distract me.

Typically we don’t get a lot of snow where I live. A few days ago we got 14.2 inches, officially. Just under an inch more and we would have broken an all time record. Schools were shut down for two days and we stayed inside our warm home most of the time. Needless to say, even if I wasn’t 39 weeks pregnant I would not have been outside braving the snow trying to get some miles in after this storm. I’m sure some people did though.

We also had back up plans for the back up plan to get me to the hospital if I went into labor during the storm. 7 days away from my due date and the biggest storm of my lifetime comes to town. I kind of expected to go into labor…but I didn’t. :)

Instead my husband took off work early and he and the kids enjoyed some snow time outside. (My husband works from home so he didn’t have a snow day like so many others in town.)

He is such a good daddy! The kids had a blast and created some wonderful memories. Between towing the kids around and shoveling the driveway, Daddy got a pretty good workout in for the day!

Oh, and here’s the kicker. Today another storm is coming through town and I’ve seen forecasts anywhere between 4 and 16 inches! High winds and blizzard conditions. I’m happy for the moisture because we need it so much but not happy that it’s happening 3 days before my due date. Right now I’m just hoping that we make it to the hospital, if needed!

5 Things I WON’T Miss About Being Pregnant

Five Things I WON’T Miss About Being Pregnant

1. Heartburn

I can’t wait to eat red sauce or drink coffee and not have to worry about how it will affect me for hours after I’ve finished. Tums are disgusting but helpful.

5 Things I WON'T Miss About Being Pregnant | A Mother's Pace

2. Insomnia

I would much rather have a beautiful little baby keeping me awake than heartburn, sore hips or just not being able to sleep.

3. Sciatic Nerve Pain

I just never know when this is going to bother me and it is awful! Sometimes is lasts for just a few minutes and other times I can barely walk the entire day.

4. Crazy Emotions

I’ve had my fair share of these this pregnancy. I’m sure my family will be more than happy to have their ‘normal’ mommy and wife back. Everything seems to make me cry lately.

5. Not being able to RUN

Longing to feel healthy again and have some ‘me’ time outside, alone with the pavement. 

5 Things I WON'T Miss About Being Pregnant | A Mother's Pace
I miss my shoes!

There are, of course, many more than just 5 things but these top my list. And I have to say, even though I am essentially complaining about my pregnancy here, I am so excited for our new little one to join the family. All these aches, pains and other inconveniences are very much worth it when that new little baby comes along.


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One Week To Go!

Tomorrow it will be ONE WEEK until my due date! 7 days…or less. Hopefully not more but I know it is possible.

So we’re all baby around here. We spent our extra time last weekend getting ready for the new baby’s arrival.

I’m finally completely packed and ready to go. I just have to check my list of the last minute things to add to the bag before we leave for the hospital.

The bassinet has been washed and reassembled. Little O & A were great helpers! They love to help Daddy do anything with tools lately.

The bassinet and the packing were really the last two things that we needed to accomplish for sure before the baby arrived. So now we’re ready and waiting. 

I’m eating some really strange things lately. 

For some reason this turkey, olive and mustard sandwich sounded good and more importantly tasted good the other day. I might just have to have that again for lunch today!

My husband also surprised me and brought (Vegetarian) Sushi home for a snack. I have missed Sushi terribly and can’t wait until we go out to celebrate the new baby with our traditional Sushi night. This was a great little snack to tide me over for a few weeks. The wasabi is wonderful and the ginger, delicious.

I love how Little A rubs my belly when we snuggle at nap time. There is a lot less room for her in the rocking chair now but she doesn’t seem to mind the extra pillow. 

Sleepy girl.

Our favorite game lately is Zingo! Here is my birds eye view of the game. We’ve been playing this a lot before bed time at night. It’s a great quick game that everyone enjoys. Bingo with a Zing!

My doctor’s appointment this week went well. Here’s to hoping that it will be my last one and I’ll go into labor before my next scheduled visit on Monday. When I saw my doctor this week he asked me where I was this past weekend. He said that I missed the baby train and that he had delivered two other babies over the weekend. Too bad! :)

39 Weeks Pregnant tomorrow!