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My Five for Friday

1. It’s a workout getting all three of my kids into the car all by myself. 

I snap Little E into her base behind the passenger seat and then I go around the car to climb in and buckle the two older kids in the way back. One time it was really cold so I shut the back door, forgetting that my husband had turned on the child locks and I couldn’t open it again! I’m sure I was quite a sight trying to squeeze my way up to the drivers seat to get out of the car. 

2. Freezer meals are fantastic. My Mother-in-Law made us seven (!!) meals after Little E was born. She is a month old and we are still enjoying some of the meals each week. So nice!

3. People always say that you take less photos of children the more you have. I actually think I have taken more of Little E because of my smart phone. Always having a camera that takes pretty good pictures right at your fingertips is fantastic. It’s the reason that I have so many sleeping/snuggling pics of her for sure!

4. The other day I took a epic nap. The stars all aligned (the kids all slept at the same time) and I laid down and ended up sleeping for 2 (!!!) hours! I haven’t taken many naps since I’ve been home from the hospital. It’s just too busy around here with two toddlers and a newborn. I also have been feeling pretty good in the afternoon and so I always decide to get stuff accomplished instead of nap. That caught up with me this week. 

I was tempted to nap the next day as well but instead I piled all the laundry to be folded on our bed.

Newborns make mountains of laundry. My washing machine runs all the time! (As I’m typing, diapers are currently in the wash.) It turned out that I didn’t need to sabotage my bed to avoid a nap because the kids didn’t all end up taking a nap at the same time anyway. 

5. I’m so thankful that my two older children love our new baby so much. It has made the transition to a family of 5 so much easier because they have welcomed her with open arms.

One Month Postpartum

This week Little E is 1 month old. I can’t believe we’ve had this beautiful baby in our lives for 1 month already. She’s such a blessing.

Of course, a 1 month old baby means that I am 1 month postpartum. I can’t say that I am recovering like I thought I would. In some ways this has been the hardest recovery of all of my pregnancies. My legs are still ‘tired’ (for lack of a better way to describe it) and my back feels weak.  

When my doctor gave me the go ahead to exercise at two weeks after delivery, I never thought that I still wouldn’t be running one month after delivery. I decided this week to start walking on the treadmill to see if it will strengthen my legs. My husband decided it was time to get back into running this week as well. So we dusted off the treadmill and he woke up early to get a short run in yesterday and I took the kids down and walked for a mile to try it out.

I took it pretty slowly and had to stop a couple of times to help Little E fall back asleep. But I finished my mile and watched a little Glee while doing it. I didn’t feel great but nothing hurt either. I’m pretty excited that nothing hurt and my legs didn’t feel more tired than usual the rest of the day. Now I need to work on getting up early on the days my husband isn’t running to use the treadmill before the kids wake up.

I’m down about 20 pounds since Little E was born. I gained 40 pounds overall so I’m about half way there. Now that I’m hoping to begin exercising regularly I’m anxious for that number to go down. I’m in that in between stage where my maternity clothes are a little too big and my regular clothes are still too tight. 


Last weekend we had Little E baptized. 

She was beautiful! All of my children have worn a gown my Mother-in-Law had made out of her wedding dress. 

We had a lot of family around and to make things a little interesting we also had 5 inches of snow the night before the baptism.

I really didn’t think I would have to deal with this type of weather when scheduling a baptism at the end of March! Evidently, the latest we have had snow here is in May. Not in my lifetime, that I remember. I don’t even remember any in April. I hope we are through with it for the year!

Everyone made it to the celebration safely and we had a lovely day. 

She almost looks like she’s smiling in this one! 

My Five for Friday

1. Today I stumbled upon a Big Sister shirt. I had looked everywhere for one before our baby was born but had no luck. Yesterday I found this at Carter’s.

So cute and only $7.00! I couldn’t resist. 

2. I saw this photo at Red Robin on Sunday and loved it. 

I thought it was taken in Paris but my husband disagreed. He found a website that looks up images and gives you information about them. We loaded the image up to and within seconds we had 34 results and a ton of information. 

This ‘Rock n Roll’ photo was taken in Paris. I do know my Paris bridges. :)
3. One of the joys of breastfeeding is having to pump occasionally. (TMI??? Sorry!) I typically do it for 20 minutes twice a day. I either blog, check social media or watch something on Netflix to pass the time. Lately I’ve been watching Glee which I just started a few weeks ago. I’m still on Season 1 and saw the ‘Single Ladies’ performance a couple of days ago. I CAN’T get the song out of my head.

4. Tilapia Tacos are on the menu for tonight. It is one of my favorite recipes and my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Can’t wait until dinner time!
You can find my recipe here.

5. I can’t seem to leave out a sleeping baby picture. So adorable!