Meshing Two Training Plans

Yesterday I finally took a few minutes to figure out what my half marathon training plan is going to be this time around. Just in time too because my training officially started today with 3 miles this morning.

I ended up meshing two plans together. I used Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 plan for the mileage and I used the Finish It plan from Train Like a Mother (by Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell) to add in strides and speed work.

I’m pretty excited about this plan but I’m nervous about it too. The strides (up to 10 at the end) and the speed work will be tough. While postpartum running has been difficult, I’m ready to really get back into running and this plan will help me.

Runner’s World Summer Run Streak Update

#RWRunStreak | A Mother's Pace

And the streaking continues. Day 29 was this morning. The rest day 1 milers are still pretty fun. I’m not burned out on running and the end is in sight. It might feel weird to not run for a day after this streak is over.

Weekly Workouts | A Mother's Pace

Weekly Workouts

Monday: 1 mile run (10:17 pace), Strength Training

Tuesday: 3 mile run (10:15 pace), Core Work

Wednesday: 1 mile run (9:25 pace), Strength Training

Thursday: 3 mile run (11:23 pace), Core Work

Friday: 2 mile run (10:17 pace), Strength Training

Saturday: 1 mile run (8:30 pace)

Sunday: 6 mile run (11:23 pace)

Weekly Workouts | A Mother's Pace

Total Running Miles: 17
Weekly Average Pace: 10:42

June Running Miles: 59
2013 Running Miles: 128.38 

Are you racing in the fall? Have you started your training plan already? What plan do you use?


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  1. professorbeej says:

    For me, the more complicated a plan (or plans), the less likely am to stick with it. Right now, I had a friend on twitter give me the advice of running 3x a week, and adding .5 miles a week to the shorter runs to equal half the long run. (For instance, 20 total miles would be two 5 mile runs and one 10).

    It's working pretty well so far, except that I don't keep with the long runs. I fight asthma and the humidity, so I'm just sticking it out with steady medium runs until the weather clears. I do like the adding .5 each week, though. That's really helping me increase mileage and not overwork myself.
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    • AMothersPace3 says:

      I think it's a great idea to add .5 miles every week, it's a simple way to add mileage and not too much at a time so you (hopefully!) won't get injured. Running in the humidity is bad enough, I can't imagine having asthma on top of it. It's fantastic that you stick with it as much as you can even when you have things going against you. Good luck to you!

  2. wornoutsoles says:

    I love that you are meshing two plans. It seems like one plan is never quite right. Can't wait to follow your training

    • AMothersPace3 says:

      Thanks! I agree, one plan is never enough. I'm hoping that this one works well for me…I guess there's only one way to find out!

  3. sportymama70 says:

    Searching over plans as we speak for a fall marathon. I will have it all put together by Sunday night. I love that you are using two plans together. Makes a lot of sense.

  4. Jason says:

    I always use training plans as a starting point for figuring out what is right for me, so I think meshing plans is great.

    Are these runs on different courses or in pretty different weather? I noticed that the paces are pretty highly variable. If you are largely running under the same conditions, then you might want to think about targeting a more consistent heart rate or effort on the longer runs to get the most out of this time you are putting in for the half marathon.
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