Not Really Running While on Vacation

Last week I failed miserably at trying to fit exercise into a vacation. I had high hopes when I packed though because I brought along enough clothes to run 5 days. 3 sets of clothes came back clean and unworn.

Yes, I only ran two times, while in Colorado, of all places.

We went to Denver to travel with my husband for a work related trip. We spent a few days there and then headed down to Colorado Springs after my husband was finished with work for the week.

We had a fantastic week on vacation and I’ll write more about that later in the week but running definitely was lacking. It’s so frustrating to me because I love to run in Colorado. But I’m a Mother Runner and ‘mother’ is first for a reason.

Instead of running, I tackled traffic in a strange (to me) city so that my kids and I could enjoy Denver.

Instead of running, I got up early (3:30!) with my daughter who was completely off schedule due to traveling.

Instead of running, I made sure my kids made it down to breakfast to fuel up before our big days of sightseeing.

Denver Zoo | A Mother's Pace

Instead of running, I went to the zoo and watched animals with my children. I decided my legs wouldn’t be very happy with me if I ran and then walked at a zoo lugging around children and a double stroller for 7.5 hours. 

O.k., so the list could go on. 

Could I have fit in more running? Yes. 

Did I want to run? Yes. 

Was more running the right thing for me to do on this trip? Nope, and I’m o.k. with that. (Even though I hated seeing my pile of running clothes untouched in the morning!)

Colorado Running | A Mother's Pace

I’m so thankful that our hotel was located in downtown Denver and very close to the Cherry Creek running path. I woke up early twice to run and took that path both times. So I enjoyed good quality runs on the days that I was able to get out there. More on that this week too.

Weekly Workouts | A Mother's Pace

Weekly Workouts

Monday: 4.19 miles

Tuesday: Walked around the Denver Zoo for 7.5 hours, Core Work

Wednesday: Unexpected Rest Day

Thursday: 5.19 miles

Friday: Hiked around Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: 7 miles (back home and back to the training plan!)

Weekly Training Log | A Mother's Pace

Total Running Miles: 16.38
Weekly Average Pace: 11:14

July Running Miles: 43.88
2013 Running Miles: 188.26

Do you run while on vacation? How do you fit it in?


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