5 Minutes a Day

Recently I read on Twitter or maybe a blog post about a runner who set a goal to do 5 minutes of core work every day. I wish I could remember who said it to give them credit. 

Immediately when I read it I thought I could do that. 5 minutes isn’t that long. 

Typically when I do strength or core work I set out to do it for at least 15 minutes. I always thought that any less than that wouldn’t really do much for me. 

5 Minutes a Day | A Mother's Pace

Then I thought about what 5 minutes really is. 
  • 5 minutes a day is 35 minutes a week.
  • 5 minutes a day is 140 minutes a month.
  • 5 minutes a day is 1,680 minutes a year.
When you think about it that way, 5 minutes a day is doing quite a lot.

5 Minutes a Day | A Mother's Pace

I set a goal (on July 9th) to complete 5 minutes of core work each day. How have I done? Not so hot. Until August started I’d only done core work 11 out of the 23 days in July.

Vacation was bad for my core. I didn’t stick with it as much as I wanted but the idea was there.

But then August rolled around and I discovered Kat’s challenge.

Kat over at Sneakers and Fingerpaints started a new challenge that is exactly what I needed to stay focused. I signed up for the August Core Focus Challenge (#AugustCoreFocus) as soon as I heard about it. Perfect! Find out more about the challenge by visiting her page (link above) or visiting challengeloop.com. (Thanks for the awesome challenge, Kat!)

Because of the challenge I’ve managed to do at least 5 minutes of core work every day. Exactly what I wanted. 

I have a feeling she’s starting easy on us but so far we’ve done bridges, floor marching and a few planks. Yesterday she challenged just a little more by adding an elbow to knee plank. I’m excited to see what she adds throughout the month!

Hopefully doing core work every day will become a habit that sticks around for awhile.

Do you have 5 minutes a day for core work?

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  1. Kat says:

    get it girl! I mean, I felt the same way! Thought I needed 10-15 minutes of core work a day but when I can fit in 5 minutes a day EVERY day and teach others what I've learned with more core work variety we all win! And CAN win! 😉 Thanks for your support!
    My recent post Days 5 & 6 #AugustCoreFocus + Featured Sneakers #37

  2. runninginnj says:

    I really need to do this. As you say it sounds easy enough, but before you know it you skip a day, and then a day becomes 3 days. I should commit right now to trying this (I should, but I just realized that in my phrasing I'm already making excuses).

    • AMothersPace3 says:

      HaHa! I know all about excuses. :) Join the challenge! It's not too late. It helps my motivation so much when I actually join something and then I feel accountable.

  3. littleblogdress says:

    Five minutes doesn't seem that long! And the results will be worth it! Its a great idea! :)
    My recent post Today I Skipped

  4. Kristen says:

    I'm working on the same core challenge! I missed a few days so I caught up yesterday – quite a little workout when you combine them all at once! I can never seem to get myself to do core workouts either, but the idea of 5 minutes a day is a really manageable one.
    My recent post New Shoes: A New Start

    • AMothersPace3 says:

      Fantastic! I like that you can miss a day on this challenge and not be completely out of it. I had to put two of my days together one time as well and I could feel it the next day.

  5. Matilda says:

    I like a good challenge, and 5 mins, well isn't a whole chunk of time out of a day really. I've done other challenges before, so giving this one a go would be a good idea. Might consider this one in September.
    My recent post Something New

    • AMothersPace3 says:

      This one is a good challenge. It's free and she has a lot of fun prizes. You're not too late to sign up this month if you want. You only have to check in a few times to the site to qualify for prizes.

  6. kelsnsher says:

    I really like this, you're so right 5 min a day does add up. I'm gonna haveta apply this theory to other aspects of my life as well, thank you for putting it into perspective!
    My recent post Outrunning the Rain

    • AMothersPace3 says:

      I'm so glad that it has helped you! And that's awesome that you are taking it to other parts of your life too. That's so true and I need to think of it that way too.

      It's amazing to me that I can already see results and I've only been working on this a few weeks. 5 minutes really does make a difference!

  7. jillconyers says:

    I've learned this year that an effective workout or exercise doesn't have to be an hour. I'm amazed by what we can accomplish with a little focus even with just 5 minutes.

    Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday!

    • AMothersPace3 says:

      I agree. I think that when you start small (like with only 5 minutes) that sometimes it might more easily become a habit. That habit has potential to grow into something more. At least that's what I'm hoping with this challenge!

      Thanks for hosting Fitness Friday!

  8. Becca says:

    This is a great tip for other areas of life too. Sometimes a task seems so daunting, but if I could just give it 5 minutes, well, that wouldn't be so bad. Popped over from the sits girls share – really glad to read your post tonight!
    My recent post The Throes of Preschool Planning & Curriculum

    • AMothersPace3 says:

      I agree, Becca! 5 minutes isn't very long at all and it really adds up. Thanks for stopping by. I used to be a preschool teacher so I'm intrigued by your post title. I'm headed over there soon. :)

  9. mavrocat says:

    Core work is crucial and it doesn't take (actually shouldn't take) very much time.
    Very cool that you are committing seriously to this task!
    The one thing I would say though is that I wouldn't recommend hitting the same core muscle groups everyday.
    If you are working your abs, your obliques, your lumbars, your glutes (your glutes are a part of your core :)) independently on alternating days then this could work well… but if you are hitting the same core muscle groups every day this could easily lead to overtraining.
    Those muscle fibers are no different than any others in your body (why some trainers try and convince us that they are different.. I will never understand) in that they need recovery to heal and get stronger.
    24 hours really isn't enough if you are hitting the same muscle group everyday.
    If you are focusing on separate areas of your core on different days then this should work great!
    I work my abs and obliques 2-3 days a week, my glutes and lumbars once each week and they have literally never been stronger or tighter.

    I'm proud of you for taking on this challenge, I just wanted to offer a bit of advice on making it as effective and safe as possible.

    I found you on Friday Linkup and excited to check out your site further!


    • AMothersPace3 says:

      Hi Chris,
      I completely agree. That's one of the reasons why I like this challenge so much. Kat is giving us various moves and some of them I have never even heard of before. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and tips on making core exercise (and really exercise in general) safe and effective!

      Thanks so much for stopping by from the link up! I'm not sure what your website is but I'd love to check it out as well if you let me know.

  10. Chris says:

    Hi Angie,
    The challenge sounds great and the discpiline that will result from knocking something out everyday will reap it's own benefits!
    I had trouble posting my site for some reason, but thank you very much for asking.
    I can be found at http://www.mavrocatstrength.com
    I am currently in the last week for entry of a great protein powder giveaway http://www.mavrocatstrength.com/2013/07/30/humapr… You should check it out.
    and am also one month into trainng for my first 24 hour race at the end of the year.

    Take care!

  11. Meghan says:

    Congrats! Sticking to something is so important. I don't self motivate well and definitely need challenges to keep me going. Can't wait to see if you feel any change in your core :)
    My recent post The Weight of Water

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