A Labor Day #BestRun + 5 and 10 Virtual Race Series

Labor Day started out with sleeping in. I woke up and saw that it was 63 degrees outside and thought about running but I decided to have family time instead. We had a bit of a lazy morning with pancakes, eggs and coffee. 

We also got started on our fall garden. The kids dug holes to help put our watering system in. 

A Labor Day #BestRun + 5 and 10 Virtual Race Series | A Mother's Pace
It warmed up to the mid 70′s pretty quickly but I still decided that a run outside would be much better than on the treadmill. I just planned a shady route and so the strong sun didn’t bother me very much.

I kicked off my 5 and 10 Virtual Race Series yesterday with a fun 5 miles. It was one of those runs where I had a silly smile on my face throughout the run and completely felt that Runner’s High after I was finished.

A Labor Day #BestRun + 5 and 10 Virtual Race Series | A Mother's Pace

It was a fast run for me at my postpartum stage right now. One of my quickest and longest that was not on the treadmill. Going quicker on the treadmill is a lot easier for me so the fact that I was able to hold this pace for 5 miles gave me a lot of confidence. Confidence that I WILL be able to accomplish goals during my fall races. 

It’s exactly what I need right now in my training. I need to know that I can run under a 10 minute mile for a longer distance. One of the best things about this run? I could have kept going. It didn’t wipe me out and I wasn’t wasted by the end of it. Even if I don’t have another great run before my race I know that I ran these 5 miles and that will give me the CONFIDENCE that I need on race day.

A Labor Day #BestRun + 5 and 10 Virtual Race Series | A Mother's Pace

I didn’t have a negative split but my first mile was the slowest. That’s something that I’ve been working on but it doesn’t always happen. 

This one definitely goes down as a #BestRun in my book.

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 47:46
Average Pace: 9:31

Tell me about your most recent best run.
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  1. The Healthy Maven says:

    I went for a wonderful run along the St. Lawrence River in Old Montreal this past weekend. I've been dealing with IT band pain for the past year so my runs are shorter but I was able to run for a solid 30 mins with no pain. A bit of pain afterwards but nothing a little icing couldn't help! Just grateful to be running!
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    • AMothersPace3 says:

      That sounds wonderful! I love running by water, it's so calming. I'm glad that you didn't have any pain on your run!

  2. Trails and Ultras says:

    That's a pretty good time for 5 miles! Especially since you could have carried on. I agree that is a great way to judge a run- feeling rejuvenated rather than exhausted. My favourite recent run was yesterday- up on the moors about 70 miles from where I live. I'd not been up there before and I loved the buzz of exploring somewhere new.

  3. Jessica S. says:

    These types of runs are the best! The ones where you get to feel stronger and faster than before and you're not completely drained. Such a confidence boost. My most recent good run was a quick 3.2 miles, it just went nice and easy and I felt great when I was done.
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  4. pattyzgordon says:

    My best run lately was two weeks ago when I did a 5k in 38 minutes. it was my first time really running that kind of a distance and while i didn't run the whole time I walked and ran at a pace that was pretty respectable. I can't wait until tomorrow. I've got my first 5k event I'm running. I told a friend last St. Patty's Day that I would run a 5k with her in 2014, but I got into walking and running sooner than I thought so now I'm signed up for one tomorrow, one in November and the the St. Patty's Day weekend one that I told my friend that I'd do with her. I'm also addicted enough to think about doing one in Oct. and Dec. too.

  5. OneMotherofaDay says:

    Good job on those splits!! My best run was probably my long run that I did last Sunday. 18 miles. It went much better then the previous 18 miler I did the week before.
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  6. mommyrunfaster says:

    Sounds like the perfect Labor Day. And I'm so glad you had such an awesome 5 miler!
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