October’s Fall 5 and 10 Virtual Race Series

My run for October’s Fall 5 and 10 was on the treadmill. This month I decided to run 5 miles again. I don’t have a good 5 mile route that I like to run early in the darkness of the morning so I decided to run in the basement instead. 

October's Fall 5 and 10 Virtual Race Series | A Mother's Pace

It was a tough run mentally. The first mile in I was already trying to get out of finishing. I kept telling myself I could run the 5 miles after my husband was off work the next day. Then I just decided to run for 3 miles. When I hit 3 miles it dawned on me that 2 more really isn’t that long so I should just do it and get it over with. 

It’s funny how much perspective changes in just a few days. Over the weekend I ran 9 miles on the treadmill and so 5 should seem easy in comparison, right? 

And I felt so good after the run was over. I was proud of myself for finishing even though my mind was telling me to give up. I ignored the negative thoughts and pushed through the entire 5 miles. I love running but still have the dreaded negative thoughts every now and again.

My goal with this 5 and 10 series is to increase my pace just a little every month. It’s kinda cheating (doing it on the treadmill) because it’s so much easier than outside on the pavement. I stuck to a 6.4-6.6 pace for the entire run and my overall pace ended up being 9:21. Last month I ran the 5 miles at a 9:31 pace, so I met my goal!

October's Fall 5 and 10 Virtual Race Series | A Mother's Pace

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 46:49 minutes
Average Pace: 9:21

How do you overcome negative thoughts while running?


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  1. mommyrunfaster says:

    Awesome job!! I often have to talk myself into just going to a certain point, and then I usually end up going the full distance once I'm out and moving.
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