A Look Back at 2013

Running in 2013 was a roller coaster ride. I was so happy to be back at running after the birth of my third daughter but it was tough. I wasn’t expecting it to be such a long ‘comeback’ but it was quite a journey.

A Look Back at 2013 | A Mother's Pace

My goal race for the year was the Prairie Fire Half Marathon in October. Even though I did not end up with a PR, my training went very well and I was happy with this postpartum race. 

All throughout the month of December I was trying to reach the next milestone of 600 miles for the year. Actually, I had no idea that I added incorrectly in my training log somewhere. After comparing my paper log to Nike+ month to month I realized that I actually surpassed 600 miles much earlier than I had thought. Of course I only figured this out yesterday… The good news is that my mileage is a lot higher than I thought for the year!

Speaking of mileage, 2013 was my highest mileage year yet. Although I already have plans to leave 2013 in the dust when it comes to mileage next year.

My year in numbers.

665.27: number of running miles

A Look Back at 2013 | A Mother's Pace

10: number of running months

A Look Back at 2013 | A Mother's Pace

5: number of races (Spring Prairie Fire 5K, Get Your Rear in Gear 5K, See Jane Run Half Marathon, Prairie Fire Half Marathon and Girls on the Run 5K)

4: number of virtual races (Fall 5 and 10 Series)

4: number of medals

0: number of DNS (did not start) races

4: number of states I ran in (KS, IA, CO, IL)

153.75: number of treadmill miles

A Look Back at 2013 | A Mother's Pace

9: number of stroller miles

123.09: number of Runner’s World Run Streak miles

I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings! 

Are you a numbers geek like me? 
Do you like to look back on all the running numbers of the year?


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