Meg’s Miles

Meg's Miles | A Mother's Pace

Saturday I joined thousands all over the world and ran for Meg. I ran for her husband, her three small children, and her friends and family who lost her too early to a drunk driver. 

Meg's Miles | A Mother's Pace

The information above was taken from Meg’s Miles page on Facebook.

Meg's Miles | A Mother's Pace

I ran from my house and out of my neighborhood. Anytime I do this I have to run on a narrow street that doesn’t have a shoulder. I HATE running on this street but unless I drive to a different location and park before running I have no other option on a long run. As every car passed me on this short road (about a quarter mile) I thought of Meg.

I thought of how sad it is that she was doing something that she loved when something so horrible happened. 

But I did also take the time to be grateful for the moment I was in. To enjoy my surroundings and enjoy doing one of my favorite things, running.

Meg's Miles | A Mother's Pace

I finished 7 miles for Meg on Saturday. But that’s not the last time I’ll run for her. She’ll be in my thoughts often as I hit the road to log my miles.

Meg's Miles | A Mother's Pace

Weekly Workouts | A Mother's Pace

Weekly Workouts

Monday: 2 miles (9:14 pace) + 30 Min NTC Body Sculptor Workout

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 3 miles (9:07 pace)

Thursday: 3 miles (9:14 pace) + 20 minutes strength

Friday: 3.18 miles (9:11 pace)

Saturday: 7.01 miles (9:46 pace)

Sunday: 50 minute Spin Bike + Core Workout (Core and More Workout)

Meg's Miles | A Mother's Pace

The numbers from Nike are way off this week (39 miles in a week? Not me!) but the daily miles in the chart above are pretty accurate.

Run This Year | Weekly Training Miles | A Mother's Pace

Total Running Miles: 18.19
Weekly Average Pace: Not sure this week due to Nike inaccuracy.

January Running Miles: 49.58
2014 Running Miles: 49.58

2014 Kilometers: 79.79

Did you run for Meg this weekend?

Run To the Finish | Weekly Training Miles | A Mother's Pace
Today I’m also linking up with Nikki and Katie.

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  1. RunToTheFinish says:

    NIce week!!! I have to admit that I stayed away from a lot of the info on the run for her…i don't know why but I felt like it was too intense emotionally for me. Eik hope that makes sense, it probably sounds awful.
    My recent post #Bestfoot This Week Link Up + Spotlight

    • AMothersPace3 says:

      I can understand how it would be too much and it doesn't sound awful at all. It was a horrible situation and one I could relate to all too well because of her 3 small children. :(

  2. theurbancowgirl says:

    I didn't get out for a run on Saturday, but I thought about Meg on my run on Sunday.
    My recent post Weekly Plan: 1/20-1/26

  3. Erica G says:

    Great job this week! I ran for Meg too and it did touch me personally as well.
    My recent post Training Update

  4. Janelle J says:

    I thought of Meg as I ran this Saturday. So sad..

    I have a Nike+ watch too and I've been hearing people say that the miles are often inaccurate, which is a bit troubling to me! How could it have been so far off?!
    My recent post Weekly Recap: I'm a Healthy Living Blogger!

    • AMothersPace3 says:

      Hi Janelle,

      My Nike watch is always very accurate on the actual mileage of each run. A couple of times I've noticed that when they add my mileage for the week or my average pace that their addition is wrong for some reason. All the individual miles up on the graph were correct just not the total for the week. I've had pretty good luck with the Nike watch and their customer service is the best.

      Have you had good luck with your watch? Do you notice the mileage being off at all?

      Thanks for visiting!!

  5. grabyourkicks says:

    I love seeing the community support for Miles for Meg. I think it speaks a lot to our running community. It looks so nice where you are! I'm jealous! Thanks for linking up with Motivate Me Monday!

  6. FitAbulous says:

    It is so awesome how this running community pulls together! I have not ran yet in 2014, bc it has been so cold…I need to toughen up!
    My recent post Why do you work out?

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