Last week was the week of strength training. Something clicked and I wanted to do it, so I did. I ended up doing 5 workouts and spending well over an hour on my strength for the week. 

I didn’t give up any running but I did make some changes to make it happen. The biggest change was making the time for strength at the same time that I am running. I don’t do a good job at fitting in double day workouts but it’s also hard to have enough time for running and strength in the morning.

The photo above is my Instagram post from my workout on Thursday. 15 minutes of core work followed by 3 miles of 400 repeats on the treadmill.

I made it a priority this week and I crushed my goal of doing 2-3 strength workouts a week.

I already feel stronger and I’m excited to keep this up during half marathon training starting soon.

I also got on the spin bike again this week. It was shorter due to time limitations (30 minutes) but still felt like a quality workout. 

Weekly Workouts | A Mother's Pace

Weekly Workouts

Monday: 3 miles (9:04 pace) +  25 minute Strength

Tuesday: 5 miles (9:00 pace)

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: 3 miles (9:05 pace) + 15 minute NTC Ab Burner

Friday: 3 miles (9:02 pace) + 15 minute Strength: Arms and Core

Saturday: 7 miles (9:27 pace) + 15 minute Strength: Legs and Core

Sunday: 30 minutes Spin Bike (Climb Intervals) +10 minutes Core

Run This Year | Weekly Training Miles | A Mother's Pace

Total Running Miles: 21
Weekly Average Pace: 9:10

January Running Miles: 70.58
2014 Running Miles: 70.58

2014 Running Kilometers: 113.59

Do you strength train regularly? Do you exercise all at once during the day or break it up to fit it in?



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  1. Krysten says:

    GREAT WORKOUTS THIS WEEK GIRLIE!!! And awesome training pace out there too! You are rocking January!

  2. RunToTheFinish says:

    Nice job!! I know that sticking to my strength is so important…now the core..gotta get refocused on that!
    My recent post February Ab Challenge – #bestfoot this week #4 link up

  3. sandralaflamme says:

    Strength training is so great! My coach has added it in to my training program for the Boston Marathon and it is so great! I am feeling so much stronger already. Here's to getting buff!

  4. Vanessa Lee says:

    If you want to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass then strength training good for you. Strength training is a special type of physical exercise and the benefits of this exercise is induces muscle contraction which build the strength.

  5. Martha says:

    I love that Nike training ap! I've been using it for years now when I want something quick and laid out for me.
    Trying to balance running and strength training is definitely one of my weaknesses! I used to power lift, and I switched sports a year ago because I really really love running, and I feel lost a lot of the time! Looks like you have it figured out!
    My recent post Sweet Potato Latkes … aka Sweet Potatoes for those who “hate” sweet potatoes

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