I Broke My Treadmill Running Streak

Only the second week into my training plan and I had a horrible week of running. The treadmill was not my friend last week and every mile felt like torture. I didn’t accomplish the speed work that I wanted or reach my mileage for the week but then that all turned around on Friday. 

I Broke My Treadmill Running Streak | A Mother's Pace

Friday was Valentine’s Day and I was exhausted and slept through my alarm. That ended up being a great thing for me because instead of running on the treadmill in the morning, I managed to get out late in the afternoon and enjoy an outside run.

When I started up my watch, I noticed that the last date on it was January 25th. The fact that it had been 20 days since I had ran outside is very depressing to me. I’m glad to have broken that indoor running streak!

I Broke My Treadmill Running Streak | A Mother's Pace

It was a beautiful run and I enjoyed every second of it.

The next morning I was all set to run my long run of the week. I ended up driving to a local park and running on the paths. There were a lot of runners out and the paths were clear of snow. It was windy and chilly but I was so happy to be outside. I hit my first double digit run of the training cycle!

I Broke My Treadmill Running Streak | A Mother's Pace

The plan was for 10 miles with 2 mid miles at race pace. My fifth mile was at an 8:31 pace and my sixth mile at 8:51. At the time I was pretty disappointed because I thought my race pace was 8:30 and I was 20 seconds off. But when I got home I looked it up again and my race pace is actually a little over a 9 minute pace. So I guess I should be pretty happy with the times that I had!

My husband has a vacation day today so I’m planning on running outside yet again.

I’m looking forward to this week and I’m thankful that I get to try again. I’m hoping that my break from the treadmill will make it easier to get back on it this week because I have a lot of miles to cover on it.

Weekly Workouts | A Mother's Pace

Weekly Workouts

Monday: 3 miles (9:06 pace) + 20 minutes Jillian Michaels Circuit 1

Tuesday: 15 minutes NTC: Leg Sculptor

Wednesday: 3 miles (8:49 pace)

Thursday: 3.5 miles (8:52 pace)

Friday: 3.1 miles (8:50 pace)

Saturday: 10 miles (9:42 pace)

Sunday: 45 minutes Spin Bike + 15 minutes Core

I Broke My Treadmill Running Streak | A Mother's Pace

Run This Year | Weekly Training Miles | A Mother's Pace

Total Running Miles: 22.6
Weekly Average Pace: 9:15

February Running Miles: 50.6
2014 Running Miles: 134.48
2014 Running Kilometers: 216.42

Have you been running outside? Did you run on Valentine’s Day?



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