Bananas Over Chocolate

I’m back! I’ve missed meal planning over the past few weeks but I’m back and ready to share our plan for the week. But first a look at some of the food we’ve been eating lately.

I know I’m running more lately because I am hungry all the time. I’m trying to make better choices and grab something healthy in the afternoon when I’m craving chocolate. I seriously crave chocolate in the afternoon for some reason. I’ve avoided it since Tuesday and that’s really good for me. I even chose a banana over chocolate and guess what? It was good and it satisfied my craving.


For awhile now I have just been getting up and running without eating anything before my workout. That worked just fine when I was just running easy runs. But now that I’m training again with longer workouts mid-week including speed work; it just doesn’t cut it. I’ve been eating half a Larabar before running and it helps me get through my run and not hit the wall half way through. Pecan Pie is my new favorite!


Bananas Over Chocolate | A Mother's Pace



My favorite snack of the week is a juicy cut up orange. I used to peel oranges all the time instead of cut them but I saw my mother-in-law do this recently. It’s so much easier and the kids enjoy eating them like this too. We’ve been eating  a lot more oranges lately because of it. And they are so good right now!


Bananas Over Chocolate | A Mother's Pace



Tuna salad has made a reappearance but this time I’m eating it on a bed of greens. I can’t wait until the garden tomatoes are here because that would make this plate perfection.


Bananas Over Chocolate | A Mother's Pace



I recently tried roasting beets for the first time and it was a complete game changer. I admit that I liked them the most but I was also very happy that my 12 month old daughter seems to love them and my 3 year old eats them as well. If you haven’t tried roasting beets yet, try it! They are so good. Next up, I’m trying roasted radishes!


Bananas Over Chocolate | A Mother's Pace



Confession: I admit that we occasionally eat boxed mac and cheese. But we use the Annie’s brand which is a little better for you. My kids love mac and cheese and in a pinch it’s a good side for the grown-ups too.


Bananas Over Chocolate | A Mother's Pace


Here’s our menu for next week:

Sausage Bake


Tilapia Tacos








No Peak Chicken




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  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    I’ve given into Annie’s more often lately, too. It’s definitely good to have as a back up plan! LOVE fresh oranges, yum!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I haver dangly started craving sweets before bed too! Bananas are great substitutes for me too – I think it’s because they’re so sweet! I’d love to do my first half marathon this year. If I can get over a chronic side stitch I will start training ASAP! Good luck!

    • Thanks, Tiffany. Side stitches are the worst! They’ve only happened to me a couple of times so I can’t imagine have chronic side stitches. Ugh, I hope it goes away for you soon and you can register for that half!

  3. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    I have not had a tuna salad in ages, and now I’m craving one! I’ve tried the Larabar a few times and I really like it, but I’m too cheap to buy a box!

    • Hi Janelle,
      I definitely go through stages where I crave tuna salad. I’m in one right now! I was pretty lucky last week and our store was having a sale on Larabars. I bought a bunch for $1 a piece and I usually only eat half before a workout. I agree…they can be expensive!

  4. Kristin says:

    I love seeing what other people eat during the week! This is too funny – I just started trying different Larabar flavors, recently began cutting oranges rather than peeling, and when we do a box mac n cheese, I like to do it as a side with other healthy options too. I’ve actually never made beets… I’ve had then in salads before, but it’s not something I’ve made for my family or myself – maybe I’ll give them a try sometime!

    • Yes, I love to see what people eat too. It’s a great way to get different ideas for menu planning! That’s funny that you’ve just recently starting cutting oranges. And if you haven’t tried the Pecan Pie Larabar yet…try it! The same with beets. We’ve already bought another bunch to roast again this week.

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