My Home Gym Necessities


A few weeks ago my husband and I did a little organization downstairs. We’ve been spending more time downstairs watching the Olympics and playing on the Wii with the kids so it’s just time to get it organized!


My Home Gym Necessities | A Mother's Pace


We started by putting all the exercise equipment in one area, essentially making a home gym. I spend at least and hour down there almost every morning so I thought I’d share my workout space and what’s in it with you.


My Home Gym Necessities | A Mother's Pace


The big ticket item is the treadmill. During my last pregnancy we decided to buy one so that I could run at home for convenience, safety and, of course, to have my pregnant bladder close to the bathroom. We bought a ProForm no frills treadmill and it’s worked very well for us.

It doesn’t have the pace on the display (it only shows miles per hour) so if I need to hit a certain pace for a workout I look it up first. This website has a great pace conversion chart.


My Home Gym Necessities | A Mother's Pace


Next up is the spin bike, also a ProForm. We were very lucky to find this on sale when we bought it and got a great deal on it. I use the bike for my cross training right now and I’m down there on it every Sunday morning. My husband used to cycle more than run so we actually bought this for him years ago but I’ve been enjoying it more lately.


My Home Gym Necessities | A Mother's Pace


Now on to some smaller items. I’ve been incorporating strength training and regularly use the resistance band, weights and the balance ball. I would like to add a medicine ball and some heavier weights soon.


My Home Gym Necessities | A Mother's Pace


Recovery is also important. I use the foam roller more than I use The Stick but I do like using the stick for tired legs. For sore legs I pull out the Trigger Point Foam Roller. It’s amazing how this roller helps after a long run.


My Home Gym Necessities | A Mother's Pace


One last tiny little thing. I bought my lap counter years ago because I used to run laps at the Y when the weather was bad outside. Now I use my lap counter for keeping track of intervals on the treadmill. I can’t do any sort of math while running and I have miscounted intervals in the past. Now I just use my handy lap counter to take care of that for me and I don’t have to think at all.


So there you have it. That’s basically my home gym. We’ve slowly built it up over the years and I’m happy that I can just go downstairs and run and not have to worry about how to get to the gym. It’s proven to be essential to my training with three young kids at home.


Do you workout at home? What is your must-have item in your home gym?


This post contains affiliate links. Clicking on the link helps to support my blog. I purchased all the items in this post or received them from gifts from my family. No compensation was given for sharing my opinion. I’m just sharing what I use in my home gym. 



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  1. Marnie says:

    I love your at home gym! It’s beautiful! And your spin bike is so much newer than mine (read: no rust on yours). I’m also jealous that you have windows in your basement. We have only a few in ours, and they are not in the main rooms of our downstairs area.

  2. Sarah @ Absolutely Ridiculous says:

    That is a great space! I sold my treadmill recently when we moved across the state, and when we get a new house (and out of this tiny apartment) I’ll be getting another!
    Sarah @ Absolutely Ridiculous recently posted…Fitness Friday Link-UpMy Profile

  3. Diatta says:

    My husband and I do workout at home from time to time. He does it more than I do but it is fully stocked with treadmill, cable machine, incumbent bike, elliptical, Bosu ball, jump rope, yoga mat, step bench, regular bench, rack of hand weights, kettle bells, DVDs and a television. OH YEAH we went hog wild! I used to work at a place where they gave you $240 every year to purchase gym equipment so I used it to help pay for the bigger ticket items. I love it!
    Diatta recently posted…Friday Five: Spring ForwardMy Profile

  4. Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness says:

    I love love my home gym! It has taken me a few years to build it but it has been totally worth it! My plan is to move it on the lower level part of a remodel and have a bigger space :)
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted…Spice It Up with Homemade Spice BlendsMy Profile

    • It is completely worth it to me to save for all the items in the gym. I think training and staying fit would be too hard for me if I didn’t have it right at my house. I wouldn’t have the motivation to get out of the house and head to the gym if it weren’t in my basement. :)
      Your plans for your gym sound fantastic!
      A Mother’s Pace recently posted…Bananas Over ChocolateMy Profile

  5. AmyC says:

    My home gym looks a lot like yours minus the bike. The TM is my must have piece…such a blessing to have on bad weather/busy days 😉
    AmyC recently posted…Half at the Hamptons 2014My Profile

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