April #5bythe5th Virtual Race

I’m sure that all of you have ran a race just for fun and not for time or a personal best.

That’s what happened for me this week when I went out to run my 5 by the 5th virtual race. It’s the 3rd in the series from Laura over at Mommy Run Fast and we have one left to go in May. It was hard for me to fit a fast 5k into my training plan for the week so I just decided to run this one for fun during my ‘easy’ running day on Friday.

We were traveling and staying with Nana and Papa so I was able to run out in the country on the gravel roads. I set out in the morning in the chilly air. I had packed to run in 42 degree weather but it ‘felt like’ 18. I thought I would be freezing in my light jacket and capris but it ended up o.k.


April #5bythe5th Virtual Race | amotherspace.net


The wind was at my back on the way out to the cows. I succeeded in scaring them all (not that I was trying at all!). They were right up at the fence when I first started approaching but quickly ran away.

I turned around and the cold air made the second half of my run a little more challenging.Overall, it ended up being a great run. I love the peacefulness of the country. The roosters were crowing and some fields had been burnt recently so the smell was strong.


April #5bythe5th Virtual Race | amotherspace.net


It’s just a completely different environment than I usually run in and the variety is very motivating.

My initial goal when starting this 5 by the 5th series was to run each race a little faster. But ultimately my goal race at the beginning of May is much more important to me so this will have to do for this month.


April #5bythe5th Virtual Race | amotherspace.net


Evidently, Friday was also my 7 year anniversary with Nike+!




I remember when I bought my first ipod and had the shoe pod to help track my runs. It seems like much longer than 7 years ago in some ways and yet at the same time not very long ago at all.

Want more 5 by the 5th? Read my February and March recaps.

And now on to the rest of my training from last week. I just finished up week 9 of the Train Like a Mother Own It Plan.




Weekly Workouts

Monday: 3 miles (9:26 pace) + 15 minutes of Yoga

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: 3.11 miles (9:36 pace)

Saturday: 15.02 miles (10:00 pace)

Sunday: Rest Day


Weekly Training Log | amotherspace.net


Last week was a bad training week. I only ran 3 days out of the 5 typical days that I run AND I skipped both my speed work sessions. I have a ton of excuses but I’m just calling it a bad week and moving on. This week will be better!


Run This Year | A Mother's PaceOne of my main goals for 2014 is to Run This Year in kilometers. That’s 2,014 kilometers or 1,251.44 miles.

Weekly Running Miles: 21.13

Weekly Average Pace: 9:51

March Running Miles: 131.52

April Running Miles: 18.13

2014 Running Miles: 328.70

2014 Running Kilometers: 529.12


#Bestfoot LinkUp | A Mother's Pace


Is anyone else participating in the 5 by the 5th race series? How was your April race? How do you deal with bad training weeks? 



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  1. Krysten (@darwinianfail) says:

    GREAT WEEK! I love running in the country! So peaceful! I always run when I am home visiting my mom

  2. [email protected] the Long Way Home says:

    Hi! I just found your blog via the #bestfoot link up. I haven’t done any virtual races…but the 5 by the 5th sounds like a fun challenge.

    What distance are you training for?

    • Hi Wendy, The 5 by the 5th is a fun one. Laura usually does another series in the fall if you are interested in joining next time around.
      I’m currently training for a half marathon coming up in a few weeks.
      Thanks for visiting. I’m headed over to check out your blog next!

  3. Marnie @ SuperSmartMama says:

    This 5 by the 5th Virtual Race is pretty cool sounding! I love that you are keeping up with it and posting all the updates. I can’t say I’ve ever scared any cows away during my run, but I do have a route near my house that takes past some horses. Speaking of your 7th anniversary with Nike+, isn’t it funny how much technology has changed how we can track our runs? I found an old Garmin the other day and it was so HUGE I couldn’t imagine wearing the thing on my arm…

    • Hi Marnie, Yes it’s amazing how much technology has changed. I ran for years without any tracking device at all and now I can’t imagine not wearing one. :)

  4. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize Nike+ has been around so long! I just joined a few months ago and I love it! I love running in different terrains and venues..it’s refreshing to run somewhere new!

  5. Momshomerun says:

    I never participate in races. In real life, nor virtual. Sometimes it’s like I’m the only runner who doesn’t!

    • My first official race was in 2006 but I had been running since middle school. Once I started doing them I was hooked but it’s definitely not for everyone…I completely understand!

  6. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    Felt like 18- brrr! Yes, I definitely get it. There are weeks when a training plan has no room for a 5k race! And I love running at my parents or in-laws, too. It’s so nice to have a change of scenery.