Flexibility in a Training Plan [Chicago Marathon Training: Week 3]


Last week was a strange one, training-wise. I usually like to stick as close to a training plan as I am able but last week was all about flexibility.

I had switched up my long run the week before and ran 14 miles on Sunday so on Monday I was not feeling my easy 3-4 miler that was written on my training plan. Instead I did some cross training and strength. Tuesday’s workout was on the plan and I completed it but then I woke up on Wednesday planning on flip flopping my missed Monday workout but my legs were just tired. I decided to skip the run and just do strength and core work instead.


Flexibility in a Training Plan | amotherspace.net


Then the biggest change was on Thursday. I decided that the weekend would be MUCH easier if I went ahead and ran long on Friday instead of the planned Saturday run. This ended up working out perfectly because we had grandparents here to watch the kiddos while I was running. I had wanted to run again on Sunday but we were busy with traveling and family so I skipped that run as well.


Flexibility in a Training Plan | amotherspace.net


All in all I only ran 3 (!!!) times last week and worked out a total of 4 days. This was a good week to allow for flexibility though because it was a cut back week on mileage and I technically only ended up missing one 3-4 mile run.




Weekly Workouts


Monday: 40 minutes Spin Bike + 20 minutes Strength

My tired legs did better with a spin workout than a run today. 10 minute warm up followed by 10 minutes of climb intervals. Then I hopped off the bike and did 20 minutes of strength then I repeated the bike workout again. My legs were happy after the break from running!

Tuesday: 6 miles (9:37 pace)

My training plan called for a negative split run (3,3) meaning that I run the last 3 miles faster than the first 3 miles. Success! My last mile was even my fastest too. I ended my run with an 8:56 mile.

Wednesday: 30 minutes Strength, Kettlebells and Core

I woke up with tired legs again. I’m really trying to be smart about this training plan and not do too much. I was going to make up my Monday run here but I decided just to do 30 minutes of strength instead. I don’t want to miss a key run (speed work, long runs, etc.) but if it’s an easy run day and I need a break, I’m taking it.

Thursday: 3.1 5 miles (9:43 pace)

My training plan called for a ‘FUN’ workout. I could pick anything I wanted! I thought about taking a spin class at the Y or maybe a body pump class but in the end I stuck with running. Mostly for lack of time to try out something new but I didn’t take a shortcut here because I do think that running is FUN!

Friday: 15.01 miles (10:37 pace) + 15 minutes Yoga for Runners

Anytime that it works out to run long on a Friday I’m game. I LOVED getting it over with early and being able to enjoy the rest of my weekend. This run was supposed to have 5 race pace miles in the middle and I managed all 5 between 9:39 and 10:06. Not quite what I want for race pace but I’m happy I was able to speed up a bit for the 5 miles mid run. Most of the time when I get stuck on a pace in a long run it’s hard to speed up. I have long runs with scheduled race pace miles every few weeks and I’m hoping to improve on this.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

Yep, no running on the weekend. I can’t remember a time when I haven’t gone for a run on a weekend in quite some time. I’m not making this a habit, I missed it too much!


Flexibility in a Training Plan | amotherspace.net



Run This Year | A Mother's PaceOne of my main goals for 2014 is to Run This Year in kilometers. That’s 2,014 kilometers or 1,251.44 miles.

Weekly Running Miles: 24.16

Weekly Average Pace: 10:15

June Running Miles: 105.21

2014 Running Miles: 611.07

2014 Running Kilometers: 983.42


How flexible are you when it comes to your training plan? 



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  1. chantal tijbosch says:

    If your a mother you sometimes have to be flexible, I wouldn’t be able run this week, but I thought why not run with the stroller, it wasn’t easy, but still got my run. My fitnessclub has babysitting service so that problem got fixed as well.
    Flexibilty sometimes means looking for new opportunities.

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