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Can we just talk about how cold it got all of a sudden?

Dentist Visit |


I took my kids to the dentist on Monday afternoon. While we were waiting for the dentist we talked about playing outside when we got home to enjoy the last little bit of warm weather for awhile. When we left not even an hour later I was shocked to see that the temps had dropped 20 degrees. It was only in the 50’s at that point but the wind was horrible. I felt awful that I hadn’t put jackets on the kids. Needless to say we played inside before dinner instead of outside.

The other crazy environmental thing that happened here in Kansas this week was that we had an earthquake. Yes, you read that right, an earthquake. In Kansas.

You may be surprised to hear that we have them pretty often in the Midwest but this one was different. I’ve only felt one other earthquake before and that was a couple of months ago. The earthquake on Wednesday was strong (4.8 magnitude!) and lasted quite awhile. I braced myself while I was standing and watched things shake in my house. I even looked out the window to see if something had happened outside (tornado or plane crash???) before I realized that it was an earthquake. Craziness!

And now on to some of my favorites from the week.


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[one] Yoga + Kettlebells with my little monkeys. They always want to participate when they see me exercising! [two] My happy place, especially when I’ve been missing my regular routine of running a lot of miles lately. [three] Bedtime snuggles are the best. [four] Brrr…it’s cold. Coffee tastes even better in the winter. [five] Library Story Time is one of our favorite activities of the week. I love to watch Little E participate. She dances and sings to all the songs. And Little O is such a good reader and has been picking up some nonfiction lately. He’s teaching me all sorts of facts!

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Interesting Reads

5 Reasons My Next Race Won’t be a Marathon by Jess at Race Pace Jess

I like #3 and I’m thinking of trying that out. I’d also add that I promised my husband that I would take a break from marathon running until the kiddos were a little older.

Tips for Surviving an Ice Bath by Matt at The Runner Dad.

I can’t say I’ve braved an ice bath myself but with these tips I just might try it after my next double digit run.

5 Benefits of Self-Myofascial Release (and why you need to do it daily) by Christine at Love, Life, Surf.

The foam roller and I have become good friends during this running injury. This article explains the reasons why I should keep it up after I’m feeling 100% again.

50 Best Running Books of All Time by Amanda at Run to the Finish.

Oh boy. I added quite a few books to my to-read list after reading this article!

A Bitter Sweet Return by Kara Goucher.

Kara shares her thoughts on her 2014 NYC Marathon race. It is very insightful and an inspiration read!

Currently Eating

This week I was searching for a vegetarian slow cooker recipe.We’re trying to eat at home more and also cut food costs a little while still buying quality food. All the recipes that looked good in my go-to slow cooker cookbooks have meat in them which brings the $$ up a lot. So I headed over to Pinterest and searched for the perfect recipe. And did I ever find it!

{Slow Cooker} Mexican Quinoa from Chelsea’s Messy Apron was the perfect find. It was filling and has a lot of our favorite ingredients. Black beans, sweet potatoes, and quinoa plus all the spices of a yummy Mexican dish. The only problem was that the kids didn’t really like it because it was a little on the spicy side. We served it with quesadillas, a salad and fresh cut veggies so even though they didn’t eat the main dish they still had a healthy meal.

Mexican Quinoa |

This was taken before turning on the slow cooker. It thicken up and was delicious over tortilla chips or a bed of lettuce.


That’s all for this Friday! Enjoy your weekend, friends!


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  1. Michele @A Pace of Balance says:

    I have experienced two earthquakes. Both were mild but scary nonetheless. One was in CA and the other in MD. A few seconds can seem like forever! I pinned that slow cooker recipe, looks delish!

  2. Marnie @ SuperSmartMama says:

    Wow what a crazy week you’ve had. We had the same experience in Denver, with the weather plunging 30 degrees last Monday morning between 9am and 12noon. It was pretty unreal.

    I grew up in California, so I’m “comfortable” with earthquakes (as comfortable as one can be) so I can relate with your experience from last Wednesday. Earthquakes are pretty unreal as you can’t really escape them. You just have to ride them out.

    Your slow cooker find sounds great! Thank goodness for Pinterest, right?

    • Yes, thank goodness for pinterest! :)

      We are used to heading to the storm shelter for tornadoes here in Kansas but not earthquakes that you can actually feel! I’m sure this one was nothing in comparison to CA standards!

      • Marnie @ SuperSmartMama says:

        That is a good point — for tornadoes, you have a shelter option. For earthquakes, it’s not quite that simple.