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Happy National Running Day!

Happy National Running Day | amotherspace.net


Happy National Running Day to all my fellow runners out there! This year when I filled out my badge (want to make one for yourself? Go —–> here) I had to think for a few minutes on why, exactly, do I run lately.

There are a lot of reasons. For health, to be a good role model for my children, so I can eat ice cream or drink a beer. I’ve also ran to raise money for a charity with Team in Training and now the Ronald McDonald House (more on that soon!) I could go on and on. That’s what I love about running…there are so many reasons to get out there and RUN.


Happy National Running Day | amotherspace.net


When it comes right down to it, lately my motivation is to run faster. To get that PR. To challenge myself. Sure, running is enjoyable and I love to do it most days but the challenge of race day is what keeps me running 5 days a week. Waking up early to run or squeezing in a strength training session mid-day is not always easy but it is completely worth it.

My next challenge is my biggest of all. Next week I officially start my training plan for the 2014 Chicago Marathon. Week after week and month after month I’ll put in the work to get ready for race day. It’s a tough training plan and it will certainly be a challenge to complete but every step and every mile will get me closer to a dream. And I can’t wait. #dreambigrunlong


Why do you run?

Today I am linking up with Cori over at Olive to Run to share Why I Run.



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